SESAR JU at 6th Aviation and Environment Summit

Mar. 27, 2012

Patrick Ky outlined the environmental and economic benefits which SESAR will bring, as he addressed ATAG’s 6th Aviation and Environment Summit on March 21, 2012 in Geneva. As an invited speaker and panellist on the topic of “Developing Sustainable Capacity”, the SJU Executive Director stressed the substantial environment targets of SESAR as well as the job creation and other social benefits which the programme will generate. Patrick also presented some of the AIRE results; he showed how the SJU is contributing to the achievement of environmental benefits in the very short term, in particular over the North Atlantic, through the co-funding of “green” flights under the AIRE initiative. When asked what action was still needed, Patrick said that the commitment and enrolment of all stakeholders was an absolute prerequisite for a successful journey towards sustainability.

The summit issued a declaration called “Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders” which is a strong and clear industry commitment ahead of the Rio+20 Conference taking place in June 2012.