Global cooperation in standardisation

While regional differences may require different solutions there are some issues where interoperability can only be achieved through the adoption of common standards and common reference frameworks at a global level. Mindful of this, the SESAR JU actively supports ICAO’s efforts to strengthen interoperability and acts as a vehicle, under the umbrella of the European Union, for Europe to support ICAO’s developments, industry standardisation bodies and international cooperation. Through its European ATM Master Plan, SESAR ensures global interoperability by maintaining consistency with and support to the ICAO GANP/ASBUs (Aviation System Block Upgrades) development and implementation.  

The SESAR JU and its members are also actively involved with industry standardisation bodies – such as EUROCAE and RTCA – to advance relevant common industry standards and procedures. SESAR and its members and partners are fully committed to taking, together with other regions of the world, the necessary next steps towards a seamless air navigation system.

In addition, the SESAR JU cooperates closely with the FAA/NextGen under the EU-US MoC in order agree and formalise harmonization efforts in five different areas of modernisation concern. From a transversal standpoint on standardisation and ICAO matters, conceptual/architecture alignments through 4 D trajectory management, SWIM and CNS and Avionics and Demonstration activities. Some areas of particular concern right now are on flight and flow information exchange, global interoperability demonstration activities 2014/2015, airborne collision avoidance systems, an avionics roadmap, data link technology and services, Performance Based Navigation capabilities, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and automatic dependent surveillance services and technology.

Europe also cooperates with other regions of the world like Japan, Singapore, China, Mexico, the Gulf States, Australia and others with SESAR like modernisation programmes in place or under planning.