Future Plans

For 2014, the SESAR Programme intends to further extend its demonstrations of interoperability at the global level through global demonstration of SWIM services, with the seamless transfer of information between service providers (e.g. ANSPs and airports) and airspace users in the ATM Network, enabling a collaborative approach to ensure more efficient operations across Flight Information Regions (FIRs). These SESAR interoperability demonstrations will help participants observe the benefits of sharing and using accurate and timely data, thereby creating greater service efficiencies in the ATM system. Results will be disseminated to further demonstrate the interoperability performance improvement. Read more

The SESAR JU is building on the very successful approach already taken with the SWIM Master Class, and combining it with a call for further demonstration activities. SESAR will encourage its members and other organisations around the globe to put in place interconnected SWIM -compliant technical infrastructure on which interoperability demonstrations will be organised with specific scenarios using various SWIM services covering different information domains that fit with the foreseen first SESAR deployments. SESAR JU will actively seek participation from all actors around the globe with which memoranda of understanding and or collaboration will or have been established. Within the SESAR framework further demonstrations focussed on global interoperability of SWIM services can hence be expected for the end of 2014, while it can be foreseen that these demonstration activities will continue into 2015. Read more

Given that the full integration of RPAS into the European ATM System is vital and that the mission of SESAR is to create the new generation of ATM systems and operations, RPAS will need to be incorporated into future SESAR solutions for ATM. In February 2013, the SJU launched a call for proposals in order to select and co-finance a series of projects offering SESAR integrated RPAS demonstration activities. As a result of the call, 9 out of 23 RPAS Demonstration Projects were selected, with a co-financing of EUR 4 million. The selected Demonstration Projects represent 38 different partners from 8 different countries: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain and UK. Read more