AIRE: Delivering green results through partnership

The Atlantic Interoperability Initiative (AIRE) to reduce emissions was launched in 2007 by the European Commission and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). SESAR JU has been managing the programme from an European perspective since 2008. The initiative’s aim is to improve aircraft’s energy efficiency and lower emissions and noise through ATM solutions.

Main AIRE objectives:

  • Jointly validate solutions that reduce CO2 emissions in the short term
  • No, or little, R&D needed (capitalise on present aircraft capabilities)
  • Demonstrate benefits by performing flight trials in real operations
  • Communicate the initiative as an example of how the industry is reducing its environmental impact

Under AIRE, ATM stakeholders work collaboratively to perform integrated flight trials and demonstrations validating solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions for all phases of flight including Oceanic operations:

Aire Domains


Core Focus Areas of AIRE:

• Development and implementation of fuel efficient and low noise departure and arrival procedures
• Implementation of optimised departure and arrival management tools and supporting procedures
• Lateral, vertical and longitudinal optimization for En-Route and Oceanic Operations

Two AIRE cycles have already been completed, while AIRE III will be running until 2014:

AIRE Cycle   


Number of trials

AIRE III2012-201420000

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