From Innovation to Solution

SESAR is more than a conventional R&D project. It takes a concept and brings it through a development and validation process that prepares the solution for operational deployment.

The method for validating solutions is referred to as the Release process. A Release comprises a selection of solutions that have been through a systematic validation process, reaching the stage in a concepts lifecycle where a proposed solution has been successfully tested and matured, and is thus ready for industrialisation.

Larger scale demonstration activities are then conducted to prove the ability of the validated solutions to work together as part of the ATM network. The wide-scale participation in these activities therefore demonstrates the benefits of the solution more extensively and secures buy-in from the key stakeholders involved.

SESAR produces supporting material as part of a ‘solution pack’ to facilitate the bridge towards deployment. These packs are made available to ATM stakeholders to support the industrialisation of the solution and the development of the necessary regulatory material.