Call for tenders

The table below lists all past SJU call for tenders (since July 2010). The hyperlink in the Title column links to a zip file containing all documents related to the call.

 Reference    Title
SJU/001-CFP   Call for Expressions of Interest - Independent Experts
10-220718-A   Second call for WP-E Research Projects
10-220719-A   First call for WP-E Research Projects
SJU/LC/0049-CFP   Selection of Large Account Reseller services for the acquisition of Microsoft software products and licences
SJU/LC/0043-CFP   Satellite capabilities for OPTIMI (OPTIMI-SAT)
SJU/LC/OO46-CFP   Services de mise a disposition de travailleurs intérimaires
SJU/LC/OO47-CFP   Prestation de Services de Réceptionniste
SJU/LC/0058-CFT   Call for tenders General Support Online Communication
SJU/LC/0059   Performance of a study on the macroscopic impact of SESAR
SJU/LC/0062   Web meeting solution
SJU/LC/0061   SESAR Military Avionics Study
SJU/LC/0055   Call for Associate Partners of the SJU
SJU/LC/0165   Head of Validation/Verification and Head of ConOps
12-11003-A   Provision of Airspace User Expertise for the Execution of the SESAR Programme
SJU/LC/0073-CEI   Call for Expression of Interest Chair of the SESAR Performance Partnership (SPP) Group
SJU/LC/0070   SESAR Integrated Flight Trials and Demonstration Activities (Call for Proposals)
12-120610   Second call for WP-E Research Projects just launched
SJU/LC/079-CEI   Membership to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Scientific Committee
SJU-LC-0078-CEI   Provision of civil & military authority expertise
SJU/LC/0082-CFT   Performance of an economic study to elaborate Business Cases associated to a pilot common project - Lot 1 and Lot 2
12-120610   Second call for WP-E Research Projects just launched
SJU-LC-081-CFT   Provision of support to the Communication Activities - OJEU ref. 2012/S 229-376269
SJU/LC/0085   Call for Tenders for a Study on an ATM Performance Model and supporting methodology - OJEU ref. 2012/S 212-350368
SJU/LC/0087   SESAR Integrated Remotely Piloted Air System Demonstration Activities
SJU/LC/088   Provision of Unified Communication Services and Supplies - OJEU Ref. 2013/S 010-012591
SJU/LC/092   Prestations de services de sécurité et de maintenance des systèmes de sécurité des locaux de la SESAR
SJU/LC/094   Prestations de services de nettoyage
SJU/LC/097   SESAR Young Scientist Award
SJU/LC/095   Performance of a SESAR Strategy and Management Framework Study for Information Cyber-Security
SJU/LC/096   VDL Mode 2 Capacity and Performance Analysis
SJU/LC/099   Provision of services to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/100   Provision of web, email and media monitoring support to the Communication Activities of the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/0101   Definition Phase related to civil Remotely Piloted Air Systems insertion into the European Aviation System in the context of the Single European Sky initiative
SJU/LC/0102   SESAR Large Scale Demonstration Activities – Call for Proposals
SJU/LC/0110   Call for expressions of interest to become candidate member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking - SESAR Research and Innovation Programme 2020
SJU/0108/PRI   SJU Prize for SESAR Young Scientist Award 2014
SJU/LC/0111   Provision of Project Audit services to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
SJU/LC/109   VDL Mode 2 Measurement, analysis and simulation campaigns and simulation campaign
SJU-LC-296-CFP   Call for expression of interest for the establishment of a reserve list of prospective seconded experts
SJU-LC-0105-CFT   Prestations de services de réceptionniste
SJU-LC-0107-CFT   SJU Web conferencing solution
SJU-LC-0117-CFT   Travaux de réaménagement des locaux de l’Entreprise Commune SESAR
H2020 SESAR 2015-1   SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research: First Call for Research Projects
SJU-LC-0123-CFT   Provision of strategic communications, editorial support, graphical, digital and events related communications services
SJU-LC-0127-CFT   Civil airspace user support
SJU-LC-0128-CFT   Scientific Committee
SJU-LC-0130-CFT   Provision of Travel Agency Services: Invitation  - Specifications