Work Packages Summary

The SESAR Programme is divided into Work Packages (WP) addressing each step of the flight. To find out more about each work package, click on the bubbles below.

Operational activities

WP 4 En-route Operations

The scope of WP4 is to provide the operational concept description for the en-route operations and to perform its validation. The applications of the 4D/time-based operations are seen as a vital part of future TMA and en-route operations.

WP 5 TMA Operations

WP5 manages and performs all research, development and validation activities required to define the TMA-ATM Target Concept. This covers all phases of planning and execution of flights/trajectories and the identification of supporting technical systems necessary for TMA Operations. The applications of 4D/time-based operations are seen as a vital component of future TMA and en-route operations.

WP 6 Airport Operations

This Work Package addresses developments associated with the airside elements of airport operations. However, to ensure effective planning and management, landside elements (such as passenger and baggage handling) are also being taken into consideration, but with any associated developments being undertaken outside SESAR.

WP 7 Network Operations

The scope of the Network Operations WP is to cover the evolution of services taking place in the business development and planning phases to prepare and support trajectory-based operations including airspace management, collaborative flight planning and Network Operations Plan (NOP).

WP E SESAR Long Term and Innovative Research

The scope of WPE is to stimulate long-term research, creativity and innovation in order to develop the scientific knowledge aimed at extending the SESAR vision and to complement SESAR activities. SESAR Long Term and Innovation Research themes were defined with the advice of the Scientific Committee. These research themes include: (1) legal aspects of paradigm shift; (2) towards higher levels of automation in ATM; (3) mastering complex systems safely; (4) economics; and (5) performance.


System development activities

WP 10 En-Route & Approach ATM Systems

The scope of WP10 includes all Research & Development activities to define, design, specify and validate the En-route & TMA ATC Systems evolutions for introducing and enhancing Trajectory Management functions, new Separation Modes, Controller Tools and Safety Nets, Airspace Management supporting functions, Management Complexity tools, Queue Management and Route optimisation features.

WP 11.1 Flight Operations Centre

The scope of 11.01 is to cover Flight Operations Centres and Wing Operations Centres. The work covers concept development, validation, system development and verification stages since it is both an operational and a system work package.

WP 11.2 Meteorological Information Services

WP11.02 addresses the requirements for meteorology within the SESAR Programme, particularly in relation to the impact that meteorology will have on 4D trajectory based systems of the future and in managing predictability in an efficient way.

WP 12 Airport Systems

The scope of the Airport Systems Work Package encompasses all Research & Development activities to define, design, specify and validate the airport systems needed to support the SESAR ATM target concept. WP12 is undertaking technical developments and verification and support to validation, providing the ground-based system support to the new concepts, procedures and practices described by WP6.

WP 13 Network Information Management System

The scope of the Network Information Management System Work Package covers the System and Technical R&D tasks related to the Network Information Management System (NIMS), the Advanced Airspace Management System (AAMS) and the Aeronautical Information management System (AIMS).

WP 15 Non-Avionic CNS System

The Non Avionic CNS System Work Package addresses CNS technologies development and validation also considering their compatibility with the Military and General Aviation user needs.

WP 9 Aircraft Systems

The objective of WP9 is to cover the required evolutions of the aircraft platform, in particular to progressively introduce 4D trajectory management functions in mainline, regional and business aircraft. The work will address the progressive development of aircraft separation assurance and the aircraft component required for the improvement of surface movement operations, as well as the enhancement of communication, navigation and surveillance airborne systems.

System Wide Information Management

SWIM - Connecting the ATM world

The concept of SWIM – System Wide Information Management - covers a complete change in paradigm of how information is managed along its full lifecycle and across the whole European ATM system.

WP 14 SWIM Technical Architecture

The SWIM technical architecture Work Package is the follow-up in the context of SESAR of the SWIM-SUIT European Commission FP6 project . It uses as an input the SWIM-SUIT deliverables and adapts them and/or further develops them to cope with the SESAR Work Programme components.

WP 8 Information Management

In order to realise the concept of SWIM (System Wide Information Management) for ATM, which is needed to achieve interoperability and inter-system seamless operations, WP8 primarily defines the ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM) and the Information Service Model (ISRM) to be used by the various ATM services and necessary to develop the SWIM specifications and test platforms.


Transverse activities

WP 16 R&D Transversal Areas

The scope of the R&D Transversal Areas (TA) Work Package is to concentrate on the improvements necessary to adapt safety, security, environment, contingency (service continuity) and human performance management system practices to SESAR, as well as towards an integrated management system. WP16 also provides support and coordination for the consistent and coherent application of the already existing and newly developed TA-related practices to SESAR operational and system Work Packages.

WP 3 Validation infrastructure adaptation and integration

The objective of WP3 is to support SESAR’s partners and the operational and technical threads to properly define and coordinate the timely evolution and set-up of Verification and Validation Platforms.

WP B Target Concept and Architecture Maintenance

The scope of the Target Concept and Architecture Maintenance Work Package covers the maintenance and refinement of the high-level ATM Performance Target and Architecture including the Concept of Operations (CONOPS). It defines and ensures the consistency of the ATM architecture for all SESAR WPs. WPB will also conduct a performance analysis of the ATM Target Concept throughout SESAR development phase.

WP C Master Plan Maintenance

The scope of the Master Plan Maintenance Work Package is to administrate the up-to-date maintenance of the European ATM Master Plan to monitor the progress of development and of implementation. It also maintains the standard and regulatory roadmaps as well as the SESAR business cases. In 2012, WPC contributed to the delivery of the European ATM Master Plan 2012.