Scientific Community

The SJU recognises the importance of active engagement with Europe’s scientific community in order to reinforce the SJUs innovative and scientific approach to researching the future ATM systems and procedures. In this regard, Europe’s  Scientific Community is represented at the SJU Admin Board as well as being Associated to the SJU through several European Universities. Going one step further, in 2009, the SJU established a Scientific Committee specifically to provide guidance and support to the SJU on scientific matters.

The members of the SJU Scientific Committee each possess a leading scientific competence and reputation in their respective fields to contribute to all aspects of the Research needed for the future Air Traffic Management systems and procedures. This support will help the SJU to continue to challenge the status-quo and deliver the results needed by all stakeholders under the Single European Sky initiative.

Today, the scientific committee is made up of twelve members, who aim to provide scientific advice and support to the SJU including the transition of the SJUs research activities under Horizon2020.