The Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) project was launched in 2004 as the technological pillar of the Single European Sky (SES). Its role is to define, develop and deploy what is needed to increase ATM performance and build Europe’s intelligent air transport system.

Established in 2007 as a public-private partnership (1), the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) is responsible for the modernisation of the European air traffic management (ATM) system by coordinating and concentrating all ATM relevant research and innovation efforts in the EU.

(1) The SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) was established under Council Regulation (EC) 219/2007 of 27 February 2007 (as modified by Council Regulation (EC) 1361 / 2008 (SJU Regulation) and last amended by the Council Regulation (EU) 721/2014).

SESAR History


09 Mar

SESAR JU membership renewed with 19 entities

14 Jun

SESAR JU publishes the first edition of the SESAR Solutions Catalogue, drawing together 63 SESAR Solutions so far delivered by SESAR JU members and partners to modernise Europe’s air traffic management system.

27 Jun

SESAR JU delivers recommendations of the VDL-mode 2 measurement, analysis and-simulation (ELSA project)

07 Jul

Call for exploratory research projects on the integration of drones into civil airspace launched


23 Feb

Results are published of 18 completed SESAR demonstrations, highlighting benefits that SESAR offers at every stage of the flight

03 Mar

SESAR industrial research validations (Release 5) get underway addressing 32 potential SESAR Solutions

10 Mar

The SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) and the SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM) sign, seal and deliver a Memorandum of Understanding during the World ATM Congress 2015 in Madrid ll

25 Mar

Launch of first SESAR 2020 call for exploratory research projects, focusing on ATM excellent science and outreach and ATM a

03 Mar

Publication of NextGen-SESAR State of Harmonisation, providing a high-level summary of the current state of progress towards achieving harmonisation and interoperability between the two R&D programmes

10 Mar

Projects developing enhanced surface guidance, collaborative airport planning, initial 4D (i4D) trajectory management win 2015 SESAR Project Awards

27 Apr

SESAR JU member, LFV, inaugurates the world’s first Remote Tower Services in Sundsvall, serving Örnsköldsvik airport over 150 km away

23 Jun

SESAR SWIM Master Class kicks off, encouraging further take up of SWIM

27 Oct

Commissioner Violeta Bulc gives thumbs up for SESAR, with visit to SESAR Joint Undertaking and SESAR Deployment Manager premises

26 Oct

SESAR partners successfully conduct a live flight trial by an unmanned aircraft in controlled and unsegregated airspace - a major milestone in aviation history

30 Nov

Cyber-security study is published by the SESAR JU detailing a roadmap for increasing the maturity of cyber-security and cyber-resilience processes within the R&I programme

18 Dec

SESAR JU publishes call to its candidate members for proposals for Wave 1 of industrial research, validation and large scale demonstration activities under the umbrella of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme

09 Dec

The Clean Sky and SESAR JUs sign a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) in order to foster closer links between the two research and innovation (R&I) programmes

15 Dec

Publication of 2015 edition of the European ATM Master Plan, offering further boost to Europe’s aviation industry

10 Dec

SWIM solutions in the areas of civil-military collaborative decisionmaking and enhanced meteorological information provision receive top prizes at the 2015 SESAR SWIM Master Class Awards


22 May

João Aguiar Machado appointed Director General of DG MOVE

25 Feb

Florian Guillermet appointed SJU Executive Director

19 Mar

Second successful i4D flight trial form Toulouse to Copenhagen

16 Jun

SJU mandate extended until 2024

09 Jul

Second Call for Expression of Interest for candidate members to participate in the SESAR 2020 Programme

09 Sep

18 SESAR Large Scale Demonstrations launched

10 Sep

RPAS Definition Phase starts

27 Nov

Fourth SESAR Innovation Day

17 Dec

Kick-off of European ATM Master Plan review campaign


13 Feb

The European ATM Master Plan 2010 wins prestigious IHS Jane’s ATC award

14 Feb

Successful live demonstration of SWIM at the World ATM Congress in Madrid

10 Jul

European Commission proposes new mandate for SESAR Joint Undertaking to support the Single European Sky

01 Sep

Patrick Ky moves on to new heights at European Aviation Safety Agency and Claude Chêne takes up duties as SJU executive director

10 Oct

EU Transport Ministers agree on 2024 SJU extension

15 Oct

Nine Demonstration Projects are launched on the safe integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in the ATM European ATM System

26 Nov

Third SESAR Innovation Days

15 May

Publication of Release 3

15 Oct

Publication of Release 2 results


10 Feb

The world’s first 4D light successfully validates the capability of the aircraft system to comply with time constraints

06 Mar

Successful participation of SESAR at ATC Global 2012

12 Mar

SESAR JU and EUROCAE sign Memorandum of Cooperation

07 Mar

Presentation of SESAR Relase 2

16 Jan

EUMETNET Consortium waas awarded a contract to properly integrate wheather in SESAR

11 Jun

SWIM Master Class launched

19 Nov

Europe helps deliver global interoperability at ICAO’s Twelfth Air Navigation Conference

12 Dec

Second SESAR Innovation Day

13 Dec

Free Route Airspace Maastricht and Karlsruhe” (FRAMaK) project pioneers large-scale free routing


01 Jan

SJU launches ATC Global minisite

07 Mar

SESAR Awards in three categories distributed for the first time

08 Mar

The first SESAR Release 2011 is officially presented during the SESAR Forum at ATC Global 2011.

03 Mar

EU/US Memorandum of Cooperation in aviation research signed

28 Jan

OPTIMI presents recommendations for better aircraft tracking

11 Apr

SESAR JU and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine sign Memorandum of Understanding

15 Apr

Airspace users' office established at SESAR JU

24 Jun

OPTIMI proposes cost effective short & medium terms solutions

01 Jul

Macroeconomic Study shows positive impact of SESAR in EU Member States and beyond

03 Aug

10 consortia join SESAR as new Associate Partners

13 Oct

SESAR partner completes greenest flight ever

29 Nov

First SESAR Innovation day

09 Jun

The Fly4D consortium was awarded a contract for the definition, development and validation of airspace user’s future flight planning and control systems and procedures

05 Oct

Launch of the European ATM Master Plan update campaign


04 Jan

1,000th engineer working on SESAR

09 Mar

SESAR JU at ATC Global with booth and conferences on the programme and AIRE

08 Apr

AIRE: first complete (gate-to-gate) transatlantic flights

18 May

Low fares airlines join SESAR

31 May

First 100 SESAR projects in execution

03 Jun

SESAR work programme celebrates first anniversay

18 Jun

Europe/US agree to cooperate on SESAR and NextGen

19 Jul

Associate partners join SESAR family

13 Jul

40 AIRE partners are selected for green demonstrations in 2010/2011

17 Sep

AIRE 2010/11: Successful start of new green aviation trials

02 Aug

First call for WP-E research projects launched

03 Nov

Belgian EU Presidency aviation summit: Declaration makes reference to SESAR deployment

10 Nov

EASA and SESAR seal cooperation agreements

08 Oct

Memorandum of understanding with Mexico signed

10 Dec

European Defence Ministers discuss SES and SESAR



30 Mar

Signature of administrative agreement between the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the Kingdom of Belgium / Endorsement of the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan by the Council

01 Jun

SESAR Joint Undertaking moves to its new premises in avenue de Cortenbergh 100

03 Jun

SESAR programme kick-off meeting in Brussels with all members and partners

12 Jun

SESAR Joint Undertaking signs agreements with 16 partners totalling 1.9 billion euros for the creation of Europe’s future ATM system

18 Aug

Set-up of SESAR Scientific Committee

15 Sep

Major airlines, business & general aviation, associations on board of SESAR to modernise the European sky

14 Dec

First four SESAR projects start research

25 Nov

AIRE project MINT demonstrates savings of 165 kg fuel and 500kg CO2 emissions


21 Feb

Start of the negotiations with 15 pre-selected members

06 May

Public release of the SESAR Master Plan

09 Sep

First ICAO forum dedicated to SESAR and NextGen

17 Nov

First AIRE contracts signed

01 Dec

Initiation of the last phase for accession to the SESAR Joint Undertaking

08 Dec

Official inauguration of the Joint Undertaking

16 Dec

Adoption of the amended Council regulation recognising the SESAR Joint Undertaking as a community body

17 Dec

Release of the Work Programme defining projects and activities to be undertaken from 2008 to 2014


27 Jun

First call for expressions of interest to become a member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking

27 Feb

SESAR Joint Undertaking created under European Union law, founded by the European Union and Eurocontrol

15 Jun

First formal Administrative Board Meeting

12 Oct

Appointment of the Executive Director

15 Nov

Temporary offices in Brussels, rue du Luxembourg 3