EU Policy on Aviation Safety

European CommissionFaced with the growth of air traffic and a huge number of carriers resulting from the successful implementation of the single aviation market, the European Union (EU) has decided to seize the initiative, to ensure that all passengers can benefit from the same level of safety in the European sky.


Beyond ensuring a high level of safety for the passengers, the EU air safety policy promotes rules that are cost efficient and facilitate the free movement of products, services and persons involved in civil aviation.


To ensure an alignment on Europe’s aviation safety system, SESAR collaborates closely with the following organisations:

  • European Commission
  • The European Aviation Safety Agency
  • National civil aviation authorities 
  • Member State safety investigation authorities 
  • Industry bodies, such as aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other undertakings participating in the single aviation market.


SESAR is also actively engaged in strengthening aviation safety at international level through regular dialogue with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICA0).


The backbone of Europe’s aviation safety system is constituted by a set of common safety rules . These common safety rules, which apply both to industry and civil aviation authorities, constitute the basis of the initial approval and continuing oversight of all undertakings engaged in aviation activities in Europe.